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Skills Acquisition

Learn a skill, Learn a trade. We provide free skills training and intensive business skills to members. This is our way of helping members get the right footing in their career with us….

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Business Support

Truth being told, it is one thing to learn a skill and another to make a business with it. That’s why, we train¬† our members to understand the basics of creating, building and sustaining a business.

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Income Opportunity

Our plan for you is not just about having income today, tomorrow and next week. It is about securing your income in perpetuity. With the plan of training you in skills to build businesses, we needed you to also have an avenue in which you can generate passive income.

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Training Gallery

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  1. Click Registration link.
  2. A new page will open for you to fill out your info.
  3. Make payment to any of the mobile money numbers provided.
  4. Check Mobile Money message for the transaction ID.
  5. Enter your Transaction ID.
  6. Enter your Sponsor name. If you do not have a Sponsor ID, use “12345”
  7. Fill out your personal information and security information.
  8. Read Terms & Conditions and select “I agree”.
  9. Click on “Submit” to be connected to the Threshold of Financial Stability.

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