Many people have skills but they do not know how to turn it into a successful business. This is because having a skill is one thing and turning the skill into a successful business is another knowledge you need to acquire.

At LBS Network, we believe that it is possible for anyone no matter their background to be successful at any endeavour if given the needed support, education and encouragement. That’s why, after training you, we also support you in order to be successful from turning the skill into a successful business.

We train you to understand the basics of creating, building and sustaining a business.

Not limited to the following, below are some supports to expect from us

  • Registration of Business
  • Manufacturing Guidelines
  • Easy accessibility to quality and affordable raw materials
  • Product Branding and Packaging
  • FDA Registration
  • Marketing strategies
  • Leadership and Human Resource Management
  • Book-keeping
  • Business Development Skills, etc.

Free Business Consulting

Do you have some skills and wish to turn it into a side hustle or build a business out of it? Fill out the form below and tell us how you want us to help you build a successful small or medium scale enterprise. We love to build you!

It is our pleasure to be of help to you. We are not in normal times and we need to help one another. Stay safe.


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