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What is LBS Network?

LBS Network is a non-governmental organization limited by guarantee. It is a membership-based support program, a global online community with a leverage system and support that works. The sole aim of the organization is to give maximum support to people to build a successful, rich and fulfilling lives. We educate and train people to get them positioned for a better life and a bright future. Visit www.lifebuilderssupport.org for more information.

Is LBS a network marketing company?

LBS is not just a network marketing company. There is no selling and buying of products. LBS is a human networking organization where people are empowered to touch and affect others around them starting from theirs by simply recommending them to be empowered.

What are my benefits as a member of LBS?

The main aim of LBS is to build lives. The services we provide are the benefits to help build your life.

  1. You are trained in skills that can be monetized. Skills include Yoghurt, Fruit Juice, Flavoured Drinks, Ice Cream, Liquid Soap, Liquid Washing Soap, Shower Gel, Hair Shampoo, Hair cream, Body Cream, Shea/Cocoa Butter Cream, Bee Keeping, Poultry Farming, Bead Making, Making of Ankara Bags, T-Shirt Printing, Tye and Dye among many others.
  2. Should you want to build a business either small, medium or large, LBS will support you. We train you to understand the basics of creating, building and sustaining a business. Business support funds are also available to you.
  3. You are also offered an investment opportunity to create an alternate income source for life through our Income Plan.
  4. You are be taught how to generate, invest, spend and save money which is the formula for getting rich.
  5. As an organization, we give hope to the hopeless and we do so through our members. Therefore, you are required to recommend people (less privileged, poor, and needy), orphanage, prison and hospital for empowerment as you grow in the business.
  6. You are also required to recommend 2 of your own kids and 3 orphans or less privileged for a scholarship award up to the tertiary education as you hit ranks in the LBS Income plan.
  7. Wealth is best enjoyed when you are healthy. Hence, health screening exercises are organised occasionally for members which you are and medical support given to the needy to make sure they are in the best fit always.
  8. Finally, as you join the vision, you get life changing incentives like Smart phone, Blender, Rice Cooker, Gas Burner, Laptop, Freezer, Washing Machine, Satellite TV, Paid trips, Treat for your family, etc. You are also given cars and house of your own as you commit to the vision of helping others and hit the Gold Executive rank and Sapphire Elite rank respectively.

So, how do I benefit from the Income Plan?

First, register by donating $30 (GH¢135). Your registration money is a donation towards our humanitarian services. You are then required to refer at least 3 people. Each person that joins is also required to refer 3 people. So as your team grows so does your income. This networking aspect is to ensure that the organization does not lack funds for its charitable activities. Also, for every referral you make, you get an instant $3 (GH¢13.5) aside the board income. You should register more people to get more referral bonus.

What if I couldn’t get people to register?

Of course you will get. Family, friends, colleagues, social media, churches, mosques, associations, friends of friends, etc. The world population is over 7 billion and Ghana is over 30 million. Think about it. You will even get more than three (3) if you say you will get.

Do I still qualify for the training workshops though I don’t have my three (3) people?

All training and workshops are free for all members whether you have your three or not. The only thing you don’t benefit from when you don’t have your 3 is the Income Plan.

What indicates that I am a registered member?

After registration, you will be given your customized Username and password that certifies your membership. Also, you will have a personal online “back office” to be checking your efforts and earnings.

How are the training workshops organized?

Training are always free for members and are delivered according to the training schedules set out by the organization’s management through the recommendations made by members.

What if I am interested in learning only one skill?

Learning only one skill is a member’s own choice. Training schedules are planned based on partner’s recommendations. Messages are sent to partners to know when a particular skill will be taught. A member thus inquires from the schedule to know when a particular skill of interest will be taught in order to participate and be trained.

What are my income benefits?

As a member you stand the chance to make money in different ways which are

  1. You earn $3  instantly on each referral that you make. If you register 10 people, you get $30 instantly.
  2. There are ranks in LBS. So as you move from one stage to another, you get paid on moving. This bonus is called step out bonus.
  3. Also as members under you (downlines) move to join you in a stage you are, you get paid for their moving. This is called Step in bonus.
  4. There are additional incentives such as; Business support fund, empowerment fund, loyalty fund, phones, home appliances, Laptop, iPad, Freezer, Washing machine, Car, House and other awards. Visit lifebuilderssupport.org/income-plan for more information.

What are the stages to benefit from as a member of LBS?

There are 8 stages with 7 being a 3Ă—2 board matrix and the last stage being a unilevel plan. The stages are:

  1. Feeder stage
  2. Bronze Executive
  3. Silver Executive
  4. Gold Executive
  5. Diamond Elite
  6. Sapphire Elite
  7. Emerald Elite
  8. Star Director

How does one move from one stage to another?

It is a 3Ă—2 board matrix. Get your 3 persons. Train and motivate them to also get their 3 persons each. That completes the 3Ă—2 matrix and you move from feeder to the next board which is Bronze Executive. Your 3 persons will also train and motivate their 3 persons to get their 3 persons each and they also join you in Bronze till you complete the Bronze 3Ă—2 matrix in Bronze. It goes on like that in all the board.

Can I register more than 3 persons?

Yes, you can. Registering more than 3 persons means more money to your pocket and it helps also to fill your boards faster.

Ok. What if my 3 persons are lazy? Does it mean that I can’t move from one stage to another?

Of course not, you will move from one stage to another provided you are not lazy yourself. Your upline comes in here also because he/she will be bringing people to join. You should also try bringing more people after the 3 persons to help fill the board faster.

Who can join LBS Network?

LBS is a global community for all and sundry. There is no educational requirement. It has no interference with your job, school or personal engagement. Anybody at all can join LBS and be empowered.

Ok. How do I register?

You register with a one-time membership fee of $30. Once you register in this NGO, you will be activated immediately with your own customised username and a dollar account called E-wallet where all your earnings and bonuses will be paid into. You can also monitor the growth of your network in your account. You can visit the website, www.lifebuilderssupport.org to register or contact your sponsor to register you.

What is my work after joining LBS Network?

Your only work in LBS Network;

  1. Refer or register at least 3 people.
  2. Help them also get their 3 people.
  3. Sit back, relax and enjoy your earnings as they keep coming because everybody also refers or registers their 3 people each.
  4. But you can maximize (speed up) your earnings by referring more than 3 people.

You said LBS is an NGO, why do I need to pay before joining?

All NGOs requires funding whether it’s a charitable organization or not. And also you need to be a financial member before benefitting fully from the income plan. Your $30 (GH¢135) donation serves as the amount to further the activities of LBS and also put you in the position to leverage the income plan.

Is this Organisation registered?

Yes of course. Life Builders Support Network is duly registered under the Companies Act 1963, Act 179.

When am I going to be paid?

Your E-wallet gets credited instantly, the moment you introduce anyone directly and anytime you qualify for a bonus. Funds in your E-wallet can be withdrawn instantly by pushing it into your bank or mobile money account.

How much is the monthly pay?

It is not based on salary, it’s based on your efforts and how your team grows. Each member that joins the team contributes a percentage to your success. You are paid a percentage of the money they generate as the network grows daily.

Do I need to wait till I complete a particular stage before I get paid?

No, you are paid step in bonus on each member that joins you in a stage even before you complete it. You are paid step out bonus when you complete a stage.

When I complete feeder stage, do I need to start bringing new people all over again?

No, you just need to work as a team with those you brought in your feeder stage. As they keep bringing people, they too will join you in the next stage and everybody earns more earning. But, you could still introduce more people after feeder stage if you wish because there is no limit as to the number of persons one can introduce and it will help you get referral bonus and grow your team faster as well.

I wish to open two (2) or more accounts, is it possible?

YES, one can register as many accounts as he/she wants.

With 1 account, you’ll have

  • 1 Phone after Bronze Level 1 stage
  • 1 Laptop after Silver Level 1 stage
  • 1 Car after Gold Level 1 stage

But with 7 accounts you’ll have

  • 7 Phones after Bronze Level 1 stage
  • 7 Laptops after Silver Level 1 stage
  • 7 Cars after Gold Level 1 stage and so on

How long will it take me to qualify for the car?

Within days, weeks, months, or years depending on how active you and your team works.

What is unique about LBS?

  • No buying and selling of products
  • Free Skills Acquisition
  • One-time Payment
  • Low Capital start-up
  • No Renewal
  • No Monthly Fees
  • No Targets
  • Great Training and Support
  • Instant Bonus Payout
  • Instant Awards
  • Free Promotions
  • Free International Trips
  • Charitable
  • No Educational Requirement
  • Ability to empower other effortlessly
  • Ability to create Multiple accounts

Are you sure I will be given my car award when I complete gold stage?

YES, you get your Car even before you complete the Gold stage. At Gold Level 1 stage you get your car.

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