Life Builders Support Network was established with the aim of giving maximum support to humanity to build a successful, rich and fulfilling life. Our services are offered to help people live a better lifestyle and fight against poverty and lack.

All members earn and get life changing incentives like Smart Phone, Blender, Rice Cooker, Gas Burner, Freezer, Washing Machine, Satellite TV, Generator, Laptop, Cars, Duplex House, Paid trips e.t.c

We believe in transforming the lives of our members and non-members and in fulfilling their financial goal.

Our services intended to help build your life are listed below.

Skills Acquisition

Learn a skill, Learn a trade. Our main purpose is to train members in skills that can be monetised. Hence, members can learn any skill for free at LBS Network. This is our way of helping members get the right footing in their career with us. Our skills sets include:

Technology which includes Web design, Graphic design, Office Suite, Satellite TV Installation, etc.

Production of home care products like Liquid soap, Liquid washing soap, Powder, Detergent, Air freshener, Bleach, Antiseptic(Dettol), Toilet cleaner, Stain remover, etc.

Bath & Shower products like Shower gel, Bath Soap, Pearlising shower cream, Anti-bacterial hand soap, etc.

Hair Care products like Hair shampoo, Conditioner, Styling gel, Hair cream, etc.

Skin & Body care products like Body creams, Body lotion, Shea/cocoa Butter Cream, Hand Sanitizer, etc.

Food & Beverages like Yoghurt, Fruit Juice, Flavoured drinks, Pastries, Ice Cream, etc.

Agriculture which includes Coconut oil production, Bee keeping, Mushroom, Poultry Farming, etc.

Others like Hat making, Tye and Dye, Batik, T-Shirt Printing, etc.

If you can think of a skill, we will train you either online or offline for free provided you are a member.

Humanitarian Services

LBS Network offers help and remarkable services that touches and empower the lives of members and non-members (less privileged, widow, orphans, poor and the needy). The poor will never cease from the land. A wise man once said, “Blessed is he that consider the poor, his creator will deliver him in time of trouble.” As an organization, we give hope to the hopeless and we do so through our members. It is required of our members to recommend people (less privileged, poor, and needy), orphanage, prison and hospital for empowerment.

Financial Literacy

It is a must that all our members be educated to be financial literates. Financial literacy is the education and understanding of knowing how money is made, spent, and saved, as well as the skills and ability to use financial resources to make decisions. These decisions include how to generate, invest, spend and save money. These we educate and train our members and non-members on.

We teach our members the formula for getting rich.

Income Opportunity

Under our scheme, members are offered an opportunity to earn passive income for life.  Our plan for you is not just about having income today, tomorrow and next week. It is about securing your income in perpetuity. To be financially free, you need an avenue to create passive income; income that continues to come in, over and over, long after you finished expending the effort and capital it took to create the source of income. The basic idea to provide an avenue for our members to create passive income is as simple as it is brilliant. Visit Income Plan for details.

Business Support

We support members to establish either small or medium businesses with the skills and ideas they have. A business support fund is made available to all committed members. Members are also equipped with business management skills and leadership/human resource management skills. We train our members on these to help them understand the basics of creating, building and sustaining a business.

Scholarship Award

This award seeks to promote academic excellence and improve skills-base among kids of our members, orphans and the less privileged in the society. Committed members are required to recommend 2 of their own kids and 3 orphans or the less privileged for a scholarship for their tertiary education. Those who would love to learn a profession will also be catered for from their start to completion.

Asset/Property acquisition

There are three basic necessities in life; What to eat, what to wear and where to sleep. Members of LBS Network are supported to own cars and house of their own. Visit Income Plan for details.

Health care

Wealth is best enjoyed when you are healthy. Hence, health screening exercises are organised occasionally for members and medical support given to make sure they are in the best fit always.

Terms and Conditions

Our terms and conditions are outlined in this document. Simply click to open and view or download.

Our Terms & Conditions


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