Become a Trainer

We thank you in advance for your decision to impart onto others the knowledge that you have. We really appreciate it.

The aim of LBS Network is to build a community that helps one another to have a successful, rich and fulfilling lives.

Our trainers are all volunteers that love to put others first, to help and build them for the better. All our trainers agree and understand that to have all that they want, they have to help others get what they want.

Please read our services, opportunity and income plan before you continue.

Qualifications for a Trainer

  1. Accept to put others first, to help and build them with your knowledge for the better.
  2. Be a registered member of the LBS community.
  3. Have at least one (1) skill that you can teach and train others very well on it.
  4. Be reliable and readily available.

Benefits for a Trainer

  1. Per Diem or daily allowance will be given to a trainer upon any training organized.
  2. You also benefit specially from LBS INCOME PLAN.

How do I sign up as a trainer?

  1. Register as a member of LBS Network.
  2. Fill the forms below

Take Note:

Trainers are not neither agents nor employees of LBS Network but volunteers, independent promoters and beneficiaries of our services. They as well earn commissions for their support as trainers.

Fill this form below. We will contact you to finish up the process.

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